Notes and Sources


Portfolios are not actual client portfolios but are simulations showing Buckingham Street Capital’s investment strategies. Actual investment returns will be affected by management fees, charges, income withdrawals and other factors. Simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Scientific and tracker portfolios are approximately representative of portfolios that Buckingham Street Capital might construct for a client for whom an equity allocation of 60% was appropriate. The equity weight of the tracker portfolio has been tweaked below 60% so that both portfolios in the back-test have the same monthly volatility. The average performance of multi-asset funds has been constructed by combining two standard fund ‘sectors’ – ‘20-60% Shares’ and ‘40-85% Shares’ – so that it has the same monthly volatility as well. All reported reported returns have had realistic fees deducted.

Data sources: Financial Express Analytics, Newedge, Buckingham Street Capital calculations.

Return to Back Test