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Endowments, Charities and Trusts

People in positions of fiduciary responsibility face two main issues: the duty to achieve a good outcome for their beneficiaries and the need to show that they have acted with proper diligence. The nature of the regulatory environment means that trustees face significant personal risks if they cannot demonstrate that they have acted reasonably.

We understand these pressures, and have specifically designed our service to help trustees and other fiduciaries in these key areas. Our asset-allocation advice is based on a systematic, reproducible process that explicitly links the investment strategy to trustees’ goals for the level and duration of distributions. Precisely because it is systematic and reproducible, the process provides clear evidence that trustees have taken reasonable, well-grounded decisions.

In addition, our investment services are evidence-based and systematic, providing ample justification for every element of the approach. Our index tracking service simply tracks the markets, keeping costs under control and leaving little scope for serious underperformance, and greatly mitigates the risk that trustees might be challenged over their decisions on the grounds of poor investment returns.

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